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Long Term Health

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A strong focus is placed on making small, gradual changes which will last in the long term. 
Healthful changes which are not restricive or detrimental to you. 

The focus is on long term health, and incorporating a lifestyle which will ultimately lead you to thrive and promote longevity.

Community thoughts...

Community thoughts...

"Not only is Take One Holistic's approach easy to follow and delicious but it has improved aspects of my life I didn't realise were bothering me so much. I have gone from experiencing bloating and stomach discomfort on a daily basis to almost nothing over the short time that I have been focusing my diet on solely whole, plant based foods. Giulia (TakeOneHolistic) has been very understanding with regards to my existing diet habits and preferences and has been incredibly supportive and involved with my personal dietary transition. She's also provided all the information and tools I need to learn to make better decisions when shopping for my meals.

I am confident that with the Take One Holistic Approach, my new dietary focus will undoubtedly improve my health, my mind and my general well being for the long run."

-Elyce Smith


Little changes. Big results. Better world. 

Planting the seed for an enriched and sustainable future.