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My names Giulia and I’m the face behind TakeOneHolistic.


I’m a university qualified Nutritionist, with a special focus on

plant-based nutrition.

However, I welcome and work with people of all eating styles and goals.

In my spare time, I love to lift weights, get outside, drink coffee and in winter, I take any possible opportunity to grab my snowboard and head to the mountains for a good time.

But, most importantly, I love helping and educating people within the realm of food, nutrition, health and fitness.

I'm also a qualified Personal Trainer offering services in conjunction with nutrition coaching or as a stand-alone. 

Join the Take One Holistic Community

Bringing individuals together to support & promote positive health outcomes through improved nutrition and lifestyle habits.

TakeOneHolistic aims to provide individuals with valuable information and resources that they can implement into their unique lifestyle - helping them to feel empowered with their health and wellbeing and ultimately, allowing them to take control and navigate through the often-overwhelming field of nutrition.


TakeOneHolistic focuses on long-term, sustainable changes rather than short-term quick fixes.


Recommendations, meal suggestions, recipes and tips all share the common overarching factor of being simple, easy and cost-effective.

A strong emphasis is placed on nutrient-dense, whole-foods to promote overall health and longevity.


All nutritional recommendations and advice stay in line with current evidence-based research and guidelines.

Get in touch today to start your journey towards reaching your goals and making them stick!

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