Giulia Sgro-Ralph BaHsc (Nutr)

Nutritionist & Personal Trainer  

Bachelor of Health Science - Nutrition

 Minor in Food Science 

Certificate III & IV in Fitness 

  • Member of Nutrition Society of Australia

  • Member of International Society of Sports Nutrition

TakeOneHolistic aims to provide individuals with valuable information and resources that they can implement into their unique lifestyle,
helping them to feel empowered with their own health and wellbeing and ultimately, allowing them to take control and navigate
through the often-overwhelming field of nutrition.


TakeOneHolistic focuses on long term, sustainable changes rather than short-term quick fixes. 

Recommendations and meal suggestions/recipes/tips all share the common overarching factor of being simple, easy & cost-effective. 
A strong emphasis is placed on nutrient dense, whole-foods to promote overall health and longevity.


All nutritional recommendations and advice stay in line with current evidence-based research and guidelines. 


Plant Based Nutrition

There is strong evidence-based research showing the positive effects plant based diets have not only on your physical health, but your mental health too.

I have a particular special interest in whole food, plant based nutrition and get extremely excited when someone  approaches me that already follows this way of eating or is interested in the idea and associated benefits.


Plant based diets offer a host of health benefits including an array of protective factors against many chronic diseases, individuals who also follow this way of eating tend to also have a lower body weight & BMI acting as another protective factor. 

Unfortunately, we are in a critical time where the environment around us is set to worsen & worsen through climate change. Fortunately, the food choices we do make can have a huge influence on this!

Choosing a plant based diet creates less burden on our environment & gives us the best chance in lessening the drastic impacts that are set to occur.